Sportradar API Documentation: Getting Started

Integrating data from the API is about as easy as it gets!  Check out our  documentation (below) for details.  Also included below are links to our data collection workflow by sport. The workflow for data entry will give you a good idea of how often our feeds are updated before, during and after each event. The following is a high level overview to get you started and on your way.

The Sportradar US API is RESTful.  The way to access data from us is through a GET request.  The API returns XML or JSON for selected APIs.

The frequency/volume of requests for data determines our pricing structure.  If you register for an account, you will be given free (and immediate!) trial access to our APIs.  Then, for each sport you purchase, you will be given a different production KEY to allow access to your feeds at the agreed upon request volume.  

To look at a specific game, find the schedule feed for the desired sport to get the unique identifier or relative path needed to create the URL for the API (see URL construct examples as well as the headers and XML returned for each API in the IO Docs section of this website).  Most customers ramp up polling intervals on the feeds shortly before the scheduled event time to ensure desired level of data freshness.  Additionally, many customers request the game final statistics periodically 24-38 hours post event to monitor for any scoring updates/changes made by the leagues.  These additional requests are accounted for when setting the initial rate limits.

Samples of the available feeds for each sport can be found in the API Gallery.  

Rate limits are applied on a per account/per sport basis.    If your rate limit is reached, you will start to receive "HTTP 403: Account over Rate Limit" messages in response to your calls.  We do our best to proactively monitor and notify you if you are approaching your limit to prevent service interruptions.  The quota is reset daily enforced over a rolling 30 days, so if you do exceed your limit please contact our customer service personnel and they can help you get back on track.


Sportradar Statistics Feeds Overview


Statistics Summary Links

Official NFL Statistics Summary

NCAA Football Statistics Summary

NBA Statistics Summary

NCAA Men's Basketball Statistics Summary

Official NHL Statistics Summary

MLB Statistics Summary

Classic NASCAR Statistics Summary

Official NASCAR Statistics Summary

Golf Statistics Summary

Soccer Statistics Summary

NCAA Women's Basketball Statistics Summary

MMA Statistics Summary

Cricket Statistics Summary

WNBA Statistics Summary

NCAA Men's Hockey Statistics Summary

Nippon Professional Baseball Statistics Summary

Rugby Statistics Summary

Tennis Statistics Summary

eSports - CSGO Statistics Summary

Olympics Statistics Summary


Extended Documentation Links

Official NFL Extended Documentation

NCAA Football Extended Documentation

NBA Extended Documentation (NOTE:  2012 NBA data is not available)

NCAA Men's Basketball Extended Documentation (NOTE:  2012 NCAA data is not available)

Official NHL Extended Documentation

MLB Extended Documentation  (NOTE:  2012 MLB data is not full season)

Classic NASCAR Extended Documentation (NOTE:  2012 NASCAR data is not available)

Official NASCAR Extended Documentation

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Olympics Extended Documentation


Data Entry Workflow By Sport

NCAA Football Data Entry Workflow

NBA Data Entry Workflow

MLB Data Entry Workflow

NCAA Men's Basketball Data Entry Workflow

Golf Data Entry Workflow

NASCAR Data Entry Workflow

NCAA Women's Basketball Data Entry Workflow


Change Logs By Sport

NFL Official Change Log

NCAA Football Change Log

MLB Change Log

Golf Change Log

NASCAR Change Log

NBA Change Log

NCAAMB Change Log

Soccer Change Log

NCAAWB Change Log

Cricket Change Log