The Sportradar API

We have a unique approach to business based on decades of experience both as vendors and as customers. We strive to be the most convenient sports stats and editorial provider to work with.  Learn more about us on our corporate site.

On this developer site you will find: 

Clear Documentation: Detailed feed descriptions complete with XSDs.

Free Trials: 90-day developer access to all real-time data feeds;  Check out the IO Docs to streamline your evaluation.

Clear Pricing: Detailed pricing descriptions with no hidden costs or start-up fees.

Dependable Service: Aggressive monitoring and responsive support.

Make sure you're ready! Click here to view our scheduled live data simulations.


We appreciate any feedback and look forward to the opportunity to be your sports statsistics and editorial provider!

To contact a Sportradar US Sales representative, you can email here.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact our Support team via here.


Follow the steps below to start using the API with your 90-day developer trial:

  1. Register for a Mashery user account
  2. Register your application with our Portal to obtain trial access keys
  3. Browse the documentation and sample feeds