API Gallery

Welcome to the gallery! Below you will find links to pages that describe the exact syntax needed for each of our feeds to retreive data:  

Data feeds

Odds feeds

Editorial feeds



Current API Versions

API API Version Change Log
NFL v1 Change Log
MLB v5 Change Log
NHL v4 Change Log
NBA v3 Change Log
NCAAMB v3 Change Log
NCAAFB v1 Change Log
Golf v2 Change Log
NASCAR v3 Change Log
Odds v1
Content v3
Images v2
Live Images v1
Olympics v2
Soccer v2 Change Log
NCAAWB v3 Change Log
MMA v1
Cricket v1
NPB v1
Rugby v1
Tennis v1


Follow the steps below to start using the API:

  1. Register for a Mashery user account
  2. Register your application with our Portal to obtain trial access keys
  3. Browse the documentation and sample feeds